Model M

The Arnett Series M Knife Gate Valve is our flagship valve, engineered for use in heavy abrasive and corrosive industrial applications. The Series M valve features a narrow body design, allowing for implementation into systems where narrow face to face sizing is needed. Each Series M valve can handle bi-directional flow and comes equipped with our standard heavy duty stainless steel, chrome-plated gate. Our customizable Ultrathane™ urethane valve seats ensure a bubble-tight seal. Optional bottom purging capabilities are easy with our ball valve two port purge design. Easy maintenance features are designed into the valve, allowing for on-site repairs with minimal downtime, if needed.

Proven Reliability in the Following Industries:









Bio Fuels

Oil Sands

All parts come standard with a one year warranty and are guaranteed to be free from defects in both materials and workmanship. All Arnett parts are also fully rebuildable or repairable in the field for your convenience.

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