Model AW

Unidirectional wafer-design knife gate valves. One-piece cast body with guides to support gate and seat wedges. Provides high flow rates with low pressure drop. Various seat and packing materials available. Face-to-face dimension in accordance with Arnett standard. An arrow is marked on the body indicating the flow direction. This knife gate valve is suitable for liquids that contain a maximum of 5% suspended solids. If it is used for dry solids in gravity feed applications it should be installed with the arrow on the body pointing in the opposite direction to the flow.
When a knife gate valve remains open for long periods of time and the body’s internal walls are parallel a very large torque is required to close it. Model AW’s body is cone-shaped inside, providing greater space.

All parts come standard with a one year warranty and are guaranteed to be free from defects in both materials and workmanship. All Arnett parts are also fully rebuildable or repairable in the field for your convenience.

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