Slurry Wear

Equip your slurry products with top of the line, customized material formulations that are engineered specifically for your application.

Custom Urethane formulations to fit your needs

Arnett's proprietary urethane, Ultrathane™ is molecularly engineered and designed to outlast bonded rubber and ordinary polyurethane esters that are commonly used in pumps, valves, hydrocyclones, pipes, and spools. Arnett’s Ultrathane™ provides a rugged and long lasting alternative for slurry applications where there are limited options suited to adapting the material composition against aggressive abrasion service or environment.
We have worked to pioneer a urethane formula, Ultrathane™ F70 that is superior to the other materials on the market against abrasion. Ultrathane™ has been designed to maximize resistance to abrasion through a formulation that mimics the resistance to permanent indentation of natural rubber, which allows our material to outperform other urethanes.

Arnett has the resources and experience to find your “Right Formula” for situations that require protection against hazards other than abrasion. Reach out to our team with information about your application using the criteria below so we can get started on engineering a formulation that best suits your requirements.

  • Media description
  • Temperature
  • Particle Size
  • Chemical/slurry composition
  • Custom valve sizing
  • Percent solids
  • Chlorides (ppm)
  • Type of corrosive
  • pH
  • Operating temperature range: ∆P and max line pressure

Consult with an engineer

The Arnett Guarantee

All parts come standard with a one year warranty and are guaranteed to be free from defects in both materials and workmanship. All Arnett parts are also fully rebuildable or repairable in the field for your convenience.

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