Elastomer Products

Slurry Wear

Equip your slurry products with top of the line, customized material formulations that are engineered specifically for your application.

Elastomer Products

In the cases where our custom or proprietary urethanes aren't the right fit for your application, we also offer a wide range of elastomer materials to match your slurry application needs. Each of our elastomer slurry materials are strongly suited for abrasive and corrosive applications. The Arnett Slurry Flex Hose and Slurry Flex Joints are excellent solutions with exceptional flexibility for discharge duty and light suction. We also offer rubber lining or re-lining of slurry pipe, elbows, laterals, launders, mixers and more.

Neoprene (Abrasion + Chemical)

  • Good chemical and pH tolerance
  • Resistant to greases and oils
  • Resistant to ozone
  • Max operating temp: 212 °F

Natural Gum Rubber (Abrasion)

  • High tensile strength
  • Superior durability
  • Good heat resistance
  • Max operating temp: 180 °F

Chlorobutyl (Low pH + High Temp)

  • Excellent for gaseous applications
  • High resistance to heat, oxygen, ozone and sunlight
  • Great resistance to moisture
  • Poor choice for organic solvents
  • Max operating temp: 230 °F

EPDM (Chemical)

  • High resistance to heat
  • Good for outdoor applications
  • Good pH and chemical resistance
  • Superior resistance to moisture
  • Not suitable for organic solvents
  • Max operating temp: 300 °F

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The Arnett Guarantee

All parts come standard with a one year warranty and are guaranteed to be free from defects in both materials and workmanship. All Arnett parts are also fully rebuildable or repairable in the field for your convenience.

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